Brujas Blend
Brujas Blend Brujas Blend Tender loving coffee roasters brujas blend from guatemala brazil and ethiopia
$ 16.99

Brujas Blend is a blend of socially and environmentally responsible coffees that deliver a smooth and creamy cup filled with notes of caramel and roasted peanut that reminds us of a chewy candy bar.

Roast: Medium

Cup: Caramel, Cream, Dried Fruit, Roasted Peanut

Variety: Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars, Mundo Novo

Region: Central America, South America, Africa

Altitude: 3,150–6,200 feet 

Process: Natural, Washed, Pulped Natural


The creamy body of this coffee excels as a pour over and as an espresso. Equally good black or with cream this multipurpose blend is a Tender Loving favorite. All of the coffees that make up this blend are socially and environmentally responsible making this an extra special cup.