Transparency ● Love ● Care
The level of care we give to roasting is one-of-a-kind and starts early in the morning with a classic hand built San Franciscan roaster. Our goal is to honor the bean. By honoring the unique characteristics of the bean, the natural flavor shines through. We started out of a passion for coffee which lead to a love for the process.
At Tender Loving Coffee, we believe in ethical sourcing and roasting. What we do goes beyond just making a cup of coffee. We are passionate about sourcing from socially and environmentally responsible cooperatives and farmers around the world, whose priorities are the people and the land. We partner with growers who share our commitments and offer transparency in the supply chain.
Our love for the earth keeps us grounded and focused on environmental responsibility. We practice this by collecting and composting spent coffee from wholesale customers.
We stay connected. We have built connections in Chico by selling our locally-roasted coffees at the local Farmer’s Market, New Earth Market, Chico Natural Foods, and creating custom blends for local bakeries and cafés. We continue to immerse ourselves in the community by supporting local events through support of local nonprofits. We have created an inclusive environment to promote social justice, equality and love.
Sustainably sourced, responsibly roasted, locally served.