Heath Dewey has been surrounded by coffee his whole life. Coffee was a big part of his family and his passion for roasting began with his first home roasts in a popcorn popper while still in college. Heath is now concerned with sourcing quality coffee for the tastiest cup and ensuring that the people who grow and mill the coffees are paid fairly. Heath works with Eric to create unique coffee profiles ensuring the finest expression of each coffee. With a degree in entrepreneurship, and a background in nonprofit management, Heath fills various roles with Tender Loving Coffee including coffee sourcing and roasting and café management. He strives to keep Tender Loving Coffee a kind and inclusive environment that lives up to the name.

Eric Fairchild was born and raised in Chico. Eric has owned several businesses in Chico. Eric’s interests are diverse and he views Tender Loving Coffee as an amazing opportunity for growth to learn more about the coffee industry.  Eric brings his successful experience with retail coffee at The Naked Lounge to Tender Loving and hopes to improve each customer’s day with well-crafted and prepared coffee.