La Patrona Blend
La Patrona Blend Tender loving coffee roasters la patrona colombia and sumatra Tender loving coffee roasters la patrona women's cooperative blend from colombia and sumatra
$ 16.99

This bold and beautiful blend delivers smooth flavors of dark chocolate and roasted nuts with a full body that will perfectly complement your morning pastry.

Roast: Full City +

Cup: Dark Chocolate, Roasted Nuts, Molasses

Variety: Bourbon, Typica

Region: Asia and South America

Altitude: 3,150–6,200 feet 

Process: Wet Hulled, Full Natural


We trust in La Patrona! Studies show that when women have control of business enterprises more money is reinvested into the families leading to more stable and prosperous communities. All of the coffees in this blend come from farms and cooperatives owned and operated by women.